A landmark. A boutique mall.
A family destination. A little bit of everything for everyone.

Galleria, Bahrain’s new and upcoming family destination, sets itself apart from the moment you arrive. Its distinctive modern-esque architecture and deliberate open layout are a refreshing sight when compared to other closed recreational spaces.

Expansive glass facades, finely manicured landscapes, elegant tree-lined walkways and tranquil water features, harmoniously combine to bring alive a destination that sublimely merges the charm of the outdoors with elegant designs that can be experienced indoors. Never before has Bahrain had a shopping experience where multiple stores open on to wide open spaces for families to gather, while also offering kids a dedicated play area to frolic in.

This is just one of many unique facets to look forward to. Conceived as a boutique mall, Galleria sprawls across a plot area of 30,000 sq. mt. and boasts a total built-up area of over 40,000+ sq.mt. This includes a massive 12,800 sq.mt.(GLA of 10,500 sq. mt.) hypermarket, extending over two floors. 12,350 sq. mt. (GLA of 9,200 sq. mt.), have been reserved for shopping & dining spaces, which will feature prominent fashion brands and food & beverage franchises. In addition, visitors will also have at their disposal, 3 dedicated floors of parking for over 580 cars, as well as several convenient outdoor parking spaces.

But what is truly unique and remarkable is how plans to utilize its space to add great value to the community.

A thoughtfully curated mix of shopping and dining options, with a conscious focus on affordability and accessibility, will make Galleria the destination of choice for a large, multi-cultural population that seeks value in every experience.

The Mix

A highly defined vision and a unique concept sets Galleria apart from every other shopping destination in Bahrain. Offering a perfectly balanced mix of shopping and dining outlets, Galleria has been planned to accommodate a wider socio-economic demography. From cafes and couture to hypermarkets, everything can be found under one roof


  • 30% of tenant mix focused on F&B
  • Shopping and F&B: 12,350 sq. mt. (GLA - 9,200 sq. mt.)
  • International coffee shops and fast food chains
  • F&B mix includes traditional ‘qahwas’ and cafes


  • 40% for retail units
  • High-street fashion labels and traditional boutiques
  • 30% of total tenant mix for utility services
  • Hypermarket covering two floors measuring 12,800 sq. mt (GLA - 10,500 sq. mt)
  • First of its scale in the neighbourhood
Close to home. Close to work.
Everything it takes to be a success.


Strategically located in the predominantly residential locale of Al Zinj, Galleria is at the epicentre of a catchment area brimming with potential footfall. Its immediate proximity to Al Mahooz, Gudabiya, Tubli, Adliya, Umm Al Hassam makes it accessible to a varied local and expatriate audience. Its location on the arterial Sheikh Isa Bin Salman Highway which connects directly to the King Fahd Causeway makes Galleria the preferred stop for families from Saudi Arabia seeking a refreshing family destination in Bahrain. Furthermore, with several foreign embassies located around the corner Galleria expects to see a large turnout of staff and employees making it an even more profitable business proposition.